About Doctors on Liens™

About Doctors on Liens
Dr. Robert Masrour, DC
Proud Member Since 1996
Dr. Taghreed Abutaleb, DC
Proud Member Since 2005
Dr. Joel Gutierrez, DC
Proud Member Since 2009

Doctors on Liens™ is a network of qualified medical professionals who specialize in med/legal evaluations and treatments for personal injury and workers' compensation cases on a lien basis. There is no cost to the attorney, no commission, and no hidden fee.

Because we pre-screen and pre-approve each and every one of our medical professionals, you're always assured prompt and courteous service, same or next day appointments and detailed med/legal evaluations completed within two weeks of patient discharge.

Doctor specialties include Board Certified Orthopedic surgeons, Neurologists, General Practitioners, Psychologists, and Chiropractors. Each office is independently owned and operated and all appointments can be conveniently scheduled directly with the facility.

What We Do

At Doctors on Liens™ we take our business very seriously. We know attorneys aren't just using our service to find a doctor, they're using it to find the BEST doctor and that’s what we provide.  Read More...


Who We Are

Meet the people who make Doctors on Liens™ the most highly respected physician referral service in Southern California. We take pride in each and every one of our staff members and it shows in the service you receive.  Read More...