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January 19, 2016
The Medical Stars are Shining Even Brighter in Studio City

In the past, I’ve made movie star comparisons with some of our Hollywood area doctors that are providing stellar care in the area.  And while their stars shine as bright as ever, we now have a new team of doctors that make up a vast constellation of personal injury treatment options.

Aptly named, Starpoint Health has joined the Doctors on Liens network and is now providing multispecialty medical group and surgery center services to patients on a lien basis. Starpoint features a team of out of this world doctors including:

- Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons and Orthopedists

- Pain Management Physicians and Medical Doctors

- Neurosurgeons and Neurologists

- Plastic Surgeons

- Ophthalmologists

- And even more hard to find specialties

For personal injury patients in the San Fernando Valley, this medical group at Starpoint truly is a wish come true.  While I could easily go on about the merits of each individual doctor, the limits of the blogosphere prevent me from spelling each one out.  I strongly encourage you to go forth and explore this new cluster of medical stars on their page where you can learn more about each of their fantastic doctors.

Posted by Josh Olson
Josh is a marketing representative with Doctors on Liens™ covering San Diego and Orange County. You can find Josh on LinkedIn, by email, or calling to schedule a friendly chat over a cup of coffee.

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