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May 23, 2016
Exceptional First Im-prick-tions

The first time I met Dr. Kevin Lance Jones, O.M.C., L.A.c., he left a lasting impression on me. He greeted me outside of his office with a welcoming smile and kind eyes. After a tour of his immaculate office and an introduction to the rest of his exceptional staff, he gave me an in-depth account of his experience as an acupuncturist. Dr. Jones studied at the Beijing Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. After perfecting his practice he returned to The States where he received his Doctor of Oriental Medicine from the California Acupuncture College. Wishing to further immerse himself in the Chinese culture, Dr. Jones returned to China once again to study for his MBA and has now been in private practice for nearly ten years.

After briefing me on his studies, Dr. Jones shared heartwarming stories of his patients.  Among the many accounts was of a man with chronic neck pain who is no longer in agony, and an infertile woman who is now the mother of a happy and healthy baby girl, in no small part due to Dr. Jones and his healing treatments. While talking about the ailments his patients had overcome, his compassion for each and every one of them was abundantly clear.

I must admit that before this meeting with Dr. Jones my knowledge of acupuncture was somewhat limited. I was quite skeptical that the needles used during acupuncture would not hurt, however Dr. Jones assured me it was quite painless and, with my permission, he inserted a small needle into my forearm. The sensation of something touching me was present, however there was no pain. The diameter of the needle is so small that even though I could clearly see it sticking out of my arm, I was barely aware of its presence.

By the end of my meeting with Dr. Jones I was convinced of the healing powers of acupuncture, so much so that I referred my mother who suffers from crippling migraines several times a week. Dr. Jones is truly one of the most attentive and caring doctors I have ever met and I strongly encourage anyone who has ever considered using acupuncture to visit his office in Torrance.  Not only will he bring a smile to your face, but he will use his global expertise and intensive background in acupuncture to effectively treat your ailments.


Posted by Dylan Edwards
Jaclyn is a marketing representative with Doctors on Liens™ covering San Diego and Orange County. You can find Dylan on LinkedIn, by email, or calling to schedule a friendly chat over a cup of coffee.

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