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March 30, 2018

Distinguished Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist Specializing in Pain Management Joins Doctors on Liens

Dr. Bal S. Grewal has joined our leading network, bringing neuropsychology and clinical psychology on a lien basis to personal injury victims throughout Southern California

While most people recognize the physical injuries incurred in an accident, the psychological aspects can be even more severe.  That’s why Doctors on Liens has announced the newest addition to their network of top medical specialists. Dr. Bal Grewal, is now available to patients throughout Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley.  Dr. Grewal brings a unique set of treatment options to patients suffering after an accident including clinical psychology, neuropsychology, and pain management psychology.  With offices in Los Angeles, Panorama City, and Canoga Park, Dr. Grewal is available throughout the Southland for personal injury patients.

Dr. Grewal has an esteemed background and fantastic reputation in the legal community.  He obtained his undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies in London, England (U.K.) He has a doctorate in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, and his many certifications include:

- Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists

- Diplomate of the American Board of Disability Consultants

- Member American Psychological Association

- Member Society of Clinical Neuropsychology

- Member American Academy of Pain Management

- Member Society of Industrial Medicine & Surgery

- Certification as a Qualified Medical Evaluator by the State of California

The public at large thinks of a car accident or other personal injury accident and they think of the physical injuries.  But so often the emotional pain is even worse.  Victims may lose loved ones in an accident, witness violent and traumatic injuries, have chronic anxiety and depression, have fears of driving, or are dealing with the loss of their physical abilities.  It’s far more common than the public realizes for their physical pain to have a major psychological impact.   But Dr. Grewal is now available to provide the care they desperately need.  We couldn’t imagine a better person to help victims throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

Dr. Bal S. Grewal PhD


5901 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

20944 Sherman Way, Ste 109
Canoga Park, CA 91303

14850 Roscoe Blvd
Panorama City, CA 91402

Posted by Josh Olson
Josh is a marketing representative with Doctors on Liens™ covering San Diego and Orange County. You can find Josh on LinkedIn, by email, or calling to schedule a friendly chat over a cup of coffee.

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