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April 12, 2018

Dr. Anthony Pirritano, of Integrated Medical Center, with offices in Corona, San Bernardino and Wildomar, is adding a fourth office to the leading network of doctors working on a lien basis

Doctors on Liens has announced that one of their most trusted chiropractors, Dr. Anthony Pirritano, DC has opened a fourth office in the sought-after location of Hemet in San Bernardino County in the Inland Empire.  Dr. Pirritano, who joined the leading network of doctors and medical providers working on a lien basis almost 20 years ago, has three highly successful practices in Corona, San Bernardino and Wildomar and is highly regarded by personal injury attorneys throughout Southern California.

Dr. Pirritano brings a highly specialized approach to treating personal injury victims.  Each of his patients goes through a detailed physical, neurological, and orthopedic examination.  He then creates a custom treatment plan for each patient with no generic approaches. In addition to advanced treatment techniques, Dr. Pirritano also specializes in detailed and prompt med-legal reports delivered to the patient’s attorney’s office as soon as treatment is concluded.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Pirritano over the years because every time I learn about an injured patient in his area, I can trust that they will receive the care they need to recover.  All four of his facilities are gorgeous, professional, and create a sense of a warm healing place where patients can get a wide array of treatments.  And not only is he a very caring person, but he has cultivated a staff who compliment his compassionate nature and they elevate the level of care for all his patients.

Integrated Medical Center

1001 N State Street
Hemet, CA 92545

Posted by Josh Olson
Josh is a marketing representative with Doctors on Liens™ covering San Diego and Orange County. You can find Josh on LinkedIn, by email, or calling to schedule a friendly chat over a cup of coffee.

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