A Career Built for Helping Personal Injury Victims

The other day I met a young chiropractor.  Great guy, eager to help people, and freshly out of chiropractic school.  He asked me what it took to get the coveted Doctors on Liens stamp of approval and join our network.  Of course I told him he needed a lot more experience for starters, but I also gave him the phone number for a doctor I knew could steer his career in the right direction: Dr. Charles Richardson, our phenomenal chiropractor in Tujunga and Sunland.

You see, I knew Dr. Richardson could help because he himself has had the perfect career for helping personal injury patients.  It actually started right at 18 years old when he hurt his back in a sports injury.  After seeking more traditional medical care and ending up on pain pills with little relief, Dr. Richardson treated with his uncle, a renowned chiropractor, and felt immediate and thorough relief.

Fast forward through an undergraduate degree in sports medicine and kinesiology and doctorate in chiropractic and Dr. Richardson was honing his craft of helping injured people alongside the same uncle that helped him as a teenager.  Fast forward again and Dr. Richardson was working and learning with one of the most renowned personal injury chiropractors in all of Los Angeles.  Fast forward one more time and he now has his own practice specializing in personal injury patients with a sister in law, Dr. Ayuna Passonian, MD, aiding in his care as a general practitioner.

All this history to say, if a personal injury victim needs a doctor working on a lien basis in Tujunga, we’ve got the best!  He’s a warm, compassionate doctor with advanced training in chiropractic techniques and cares deeply about a speedy recovery for his patients (he even gives homework in the form of physiotherapy exercises to improve their results!)

Beyond what an accomplished doctor Dr. Richardson is and how diligently he works with his patients, his expertise in the med legal arena is second to none.  All appointments are same day or next day to immediately begin easing the client’s pain and documenting their injuries which is vital information for their legal case.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about his practice as it relates to personal injury, is the software he’s invested in to manage his patients reports.  He employs advanced software that objectively documents a patient’s injuries and optimizes the information for attorneys. Attorneys I talk with have been ecstatic with his reports they submit to insurance companies – and they’re all delivered in less than two weeks from the patient’s date of discharge!

While I could continue about how proud I am to represent Dr. Richardson, by now I’m sure I’ve convinced you he’s a great fit for you.  Give him a call and know you’re in the hands of guy meant to help personal injury victims.  I hope that young chiropractor called him too because the chiropractic profession is heading in the right direction if more people follow in Dr. Richardson’s footsteps.