A Simple Yet Important Preventative Care Tip from Dr. Stefan Adair of Pledge Medical


The Importance of Sunscreen

Today’s blog post will be highlighting Dr. Stefan Adair, MD’s Wellness Wednesday video from our Doctors on Lien’s Instagram. It may seem like a simple reminder, but it is actually an especially crucial tip. In his video, Dr. Adair stresses the importance of always remembering to wear sunscreen any time you go outside. This is especially true if you live in Southern California as the sun is almost always shining down on you in SoCal, even if you can’t feel it on a cooler day. Now, obviously, wearing sunscreen will help you prevent sunburn. But even more than that, wearing sunscreen in your daily routine can potentially help prevent skin cancer. Skin cancer can be extremely difficult to treat, so we cannot stress enough the importance of trying to prevent it.


Dr. Adair recommends applying sunscreen of at least 35-50SPF. For us ladies, it can be even more beneficial to use makeup that has an SPF in it so you can get coverage and protection from the sun in one step. Depending on how harsh the sun is shining, sometimes it’s beneficial to apply sunscreen to your face and then add your makeup with SPF over it for double protection.

If you have a scar, it’s even more important to put sunscreen over the scar to help it heal better. Many times, if you go out in the sun with a scar and don’t cover it, it will fade to a white color that you are permanently stuck with.  To ease the visibility of a new scar, be sure to cover it with SPF.

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