A Tip for Lifters: How to Get Rid of Shoulder Pain or Discomfort


Let’s talk a bit today about safety for lifters, body builders, and athletes. The Doctors on Liens’ team spoke with Dr. Ryan Stabler, DPT, at The Movement Lab, our physical therapy office located in Las Vegas, Nevada, about health and wellness for body builders or others who are experiencing pain in their shoulders while lifting (whether it be from lifting, physical activity, a sports injury, or a car accident).

While it is crucial to get the area that is experiencing pain looked at before doing anything else, it is a possibility that your physical therapist will tell you that your discomfort could be decreased by increasing the strength of your upper back. In fact, Dr. Stabler announced that, “A strong upper back leads to healthy shoulders.”

In order to increase upper back strength, and therefore, decrease shoulder discomfort for lifters, Dr. Stabler suggested to grab a resistance band and hold it out directly in front of you with a hand holding each end of the band. From there, keep your arms straight while pulling both ends out to each side, stretch the band until your arms are fully extended out to both sides with the band touching your chest. He suggests doing this until your upper back feels a bit tired.

By regularly doing this exercise and increasing your upper back strength, you should decrease the pain or discomfort in your shoulders while lifting.

Again, all bodies are different, so it’s important to speak with your physician first if you are experiencing pain and if it doesn’t ease up, it’s important to seek help from a trained medical professional. But if you have been directed to build upper back strength by your doctor who works on a lien basis, then this exercise is for you.

If you’re in need of a physical therapist in Las Vegas, be sure to contact The Movement Lab or any of our Las Vegas doctors who work on a lien basis.