Dr. Adam Murie of Max Health Discusses Stretching


When one begins experiencing discomfort in their neck, their first reaction may be to get a chiropractic adjustment. While having your alignment checked is almost always a good idea, there may be some steps you can take before going to see your chiropractor if you are only experiencing light discomfort. Dr. Adam Murie, DC of Max Health in Las Vegas, Nevada talked with Doctors on Liens about these light neck stretches.

To lightly stretch your neck to relieve neck discomfort, begin standing up. Stretch out your neck lightly to the right side and breath into the stretch, then do the same on the left side. Be careful never to push yourself or use any force on your neck while stretching it. Just allow your head to naturally weight down the stretch a bit. Then, do the same as you gently move your head forward, as well. This light stretch could easily release enough tension to get rid of mild neck discomfort.

However, if the pain doesn’t get better or if your neck pain is causing you to feel headaches, have blurry vision, or causing other more severe issues, then it is time to see a chiropractor.

We tend to forget that there is so much we can do for ourselves at home when it comes to muscle-related issues. Sometimes, we take for granted the benefits of what regular stretching can do for us. So, be sure to stretch your body at home, and include your neck in these stretches.

If your pain requires more than stretching, be sure to visit Dr. Adam Murie if you are in the Las Vegas area or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis.