How Strengthening Your Core Muscles Can Protect You from Future Injuries


I’m sure we don’t have to stress the importance of strengthening your core. With so many different types of exercise routines catered around it (such as Pilates and yoga), it’s no surprise that strengthening your core muscles is an important part of life and, of course, your overall health. We spoke with Dr. Amit Gupta of AG Simply Medicine, our Pain Management doctor on a lien in Simi Valley, California, about how to strengthen your core muscles and what to do if you’re experiencing pain when you try.

Dr. Amit Gupta explained that the muscles which define your “core” are your lower back muscles and abs. When you strengthen them, it provides stability to your lower back and pelvis, which, in turn, gives you better posture and helps keep you from hurting yourself. The stronger your muscles are, the more resilient they become and the less likely they are to get an injury.

The best way to strengthen your core muscles is to exercise. As mentioned above, there are many workout routines that are catered to strengthening your core, such as Pilates, yoga, and tai chi, as well as many specific exercises that target your core such as sit ups and planks.

However, many people, in an attempt to strengthen their core, find themselves experiencing chronic pain, which can limit their ability to exercise. That’s where Dr. Gupta comes in. As an interventional pain specialist, Dr. Gupta specializes in providing outpatient-based, minimally invasive procedures to help target and relieve pain. He caters a specialized treatment plan to each patient to help reduce inflammation, increase mobility, and decrease pain. In turn, this allows them to be able to exercise to their full movements again.

So, get out there and do some crunches to help strengthen your core! And if you find yourself experiencing either pain or limited mobility when trying, be sure to reach out to Dr. Amit Gupta or any of our pain management specialists who work on a lien basis.