How to Help Prevent Injuries in Your Daily Life


We speak a lot at Doctors on Liens about what to do when you experience an injury, but wouldn’t it all be much easier if we could prevent these injuries? While no one plans on getting hurt, and there are most certainly some things that are not preventable, it is possible to help prevent certain injuries by strengthening your muscles. The more you work your muscles, the stronger they are. The stronger they are, the more likely they’ll bounce back when you pull or aggravate them while going about your daily life.

We spoke with Dr. Charles Richardson, DC, our chiropractor who works on a lien basis at Free My Spine in Sunland, California, who discussed with us his history as a certified personal trainer. He explained that as a personal trainer, he would help his clients build up muscles so they would be less likely to experience an injury while working out or becoming active.

Dr. Richardson told us about a few helpful exercises that can strengthen your core and help fix your alignment. The first thing he mentioned was pulling exercises. There are a variety of pulling exercises that you can try out there, and he recommends regularly doing them, as they can help get your spine back in alignment. Dr. Richardson explained that as we go through life, we naturally tend to slump as we work, sit at our computer desk, or perform menial tasks. By the time we’re older, we tend to hunch forward. Pulling exercises can help counter the natural forward pull that occurs as we live and help to get our spines back into alignment. 

Another helpful way to help ourselves get in better alignment and therefore, help prevent injuries, is to strengthen our cores. To strengthen your core, contract your abs as if someone is going to punch you. Slowly pull the abs and naval back to the spine. This is working a specific muscle that will build your core strength. Once you can engage this, you can try core abdominal bracing. Push the abs outwards as a part of your routine, which engages all the other muscles in the abdomen and pelvic floor.

Strengthening your muscles and alignment to help prevent injuries is a fantastic quick tip from Dr. Richardson. However, sometimes accidents still happen. If you have been injured in an accident, be sure to reach out to Dr. Richardson, DC or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis.