How to Minimize the Appearance of Scars


Scarring can be a very important part of our body’s recovery after an accident or an operation. Though it is a normal, healthy part of recovery, most people don’t like the scarring process and want to do what they can to minimize the appearance of scars. We spoke with Dr. Ruben B. Abrams, MD, our plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills on our Doctors on Liens service, about how to minimize the appearance of scars.

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Dr. Abrams explained that scarring is a natural part of healing. In fact, scarring is the way the body heals the breaks in the continuity of our tissue. For instance, when we get cut, the cut heals by forming a scar. These scars can be almost invisible or can become relatively prominent. Dr. Abrams explained that there are many factors that affect scarring, but the most important factor is, unfortunately, out of our control- it’s genetics.

But there are still a few elements in our control that we can work with to help minimize scarring. In order to minimize the scarring of a wound, it’s important to pay attention to the scar as it begins to heal. First, it’s crucial to keep the scar clean until it is seen by a physician or expert. Dr. Abrams explains that it is fine to wash your scar with either tap or bottled water.

Second, your wounds need to be kept covered with antibiotic ointment until they can be seen by an expert.

Throughout your process in healing your scar, you should try your best to prevent exposure to any sunlight, pollution, or nicotine, as well.

Though most of the scarring process comes down to genetics, there are a few factors in your hands to reduce the permanent appearance of scars. Be sure to take Dr. Abrams advice, and if you’re looking for a plastic surgeon on a lien, check out our Dr. Abrams office and our full list of doctors who work on a lien basis.