Our Doctors Have Diverse Interests!


One of the many benefits that we get while working with different doctors is getting to know a wide variety of specialists, all with many different areas of expertise and all with very diverse interests.

For instance, Dr. Khan, the Medical Director at Pledge Medical Group (with offices in Newport Beach, Long Beach, and Riverside) is very knowledgeable about cryptocurrency. It’s something that he’s been doing for quite some time, and he’s very enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge on the topic with others. During our last visit at Pledge Medical, Dr. Khan told us about his interests in cryptocurrency and said if anyone ever had any questions about the topic, he was happy to meet with them to share his ideas and interests on the subject. We had a lovely conversation with him about it.

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We continually meet so many interesting doctors, and while we generally get caught up on their specialties and medical skills, which is – of course – important, we sometimes forget to talk with them on a personal level and discover what cool and diverse people they really are. So, we’d love to shine a spotlight today on Dr. Khan and his love of cryptocurrency and to all of our doctors with their unique personalities.

Frankly, we have some wonderful and interesting people on our list of doctors who work on a lien basis, and we hope that you will utilize their services and see just how unique and interesting each one of our amazing doctors are. We have a full list of incredible specialists with a wide variety of hobbies, and we are excited for you to meet them.