The Importance of Maintaining Shoulder Mobility After Surgery


If you have injured your shoulder in an accident (whether it be from a fall or from a car crash) and need surgery, it’s important to regain and maintain shoulder mobility by seeing a physical therapist who works on a lien basis and following their recommendations. We spoke with Dr. Ruiz Macasaet, DPT, our physical therapist who works on a lien with SPOT Physical Therapy in Hollywood, Glendale, and Van Nuys, California, and he explained this in further detail.

Follow along with Dr. Macasaet in his quick tip video below:

Dr. Macasaet explained that generally, surgical-related shoulder issues can be due to fractures in the shoulder, damage to the shoulder capsule, itself, or a tear in the rotator cuff. After you have gotten a surgery to fix the injury, prior to performing any physical therapy related exercises, it’s important to allow time for the structures to heal. Then, after the allotted healing time is done, you need to slowly work out a routine with your physical therapist to add movement back into your shoulder. If you don’t, Dr. Macasaet explains, your shoulder could experience tightness or even freeze up entirely.

So, after healing, it’s important to visit a physical therapist who works on a lien to first add small movements back into your regimen and then go from there. These movements could be as simple as moving your arm out in front of you or to the side or rotating your arms. However small, introducing these movements back into your shoulders are very important, as it will help to avoid tightness.

All in all, if you’ve been injured in an auto accident, be sure to speak with a doctor who works on a lien basis about the best course of action for you depending upon your injury. If you require a physical therapist, be sure to speak with Dr. Ruiz Macasaet DPT with SPOT Physical Therapy or any of our physical therapists who work on a lien basis.