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2020 All The Doctors You Need. Right At Your Fingertips. Dr. Kristy Dong-Tran DC Proud Member Since 2014 Dr. Anthony Yanagihara DC Proud Member Since 1999 Dr. Taghreed Abutaleb DC Proud Member Since 2005 Dr. Michael Price MD Proud Member Since 2014 Dr. Jordan Cohen DC Proud Member Since 2019 denotes health care provider has been veri fi ed by O FFICES ARE OPEN AND FOLLOWING CDC G UIDELINES TO ENSURE PATIENT SAFETY . Stay connected with us through social media for provider updates and virtual event information! doctorsonliens doctorsonliens doctorsonliens @doctors.on.liens Find the doctors you need on any phone, tablet, or computer. Get instant help from our knowledgeable consultants. Doctors on Liens, Inc. has been independently owned and operated by founder, President and CEO Samantha Parker since 1993. We are not a subsidiary of any medical group or law fi rm. “Doctors on Liens” and the “Doctors on Liens Logo” are trademarks of Doctors on Liens, Inc.