Doctors on Liens Map - Spring 2024

+ SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INJURY TREATMENT CENTER Providing Accurate Evaluations & Exceptional Treatment for Injured Patients 844-787-3286 PAIN MANAGEMENT NEUROLOGY EMG & NCV Neurodiagnostic Testing Concussion/TBI Testing VNG Testing Telemedicine Saturday Appointments Outpatient Surgery Center Interpreters Southern California Injury Treatment Center provides medical services on a lien basis with a conservative, patient-centered approach. We are committed to providing cutting-edge pain management, and have expanded our practice to include dentistry for TMJ and dental injuries as well as neurology for traumatic brain injuries. We believe that exploring all alternative treatments before surgery is necessary in a patient’s treatment plan. Our pain management physician’s goal is to recommend the least invasive therapies before considering next steps. Every patient is unique, and our team of multiple in-house specialists will ensure your clients receive a comprehensive evaluation and cohesive treatment plan for optimal results. Our goal is to ensure your clients receive optimal care for their injuries. Our specialists treat minor to major injuries, handle cases that are straightforward or complex, and provide detailed injury reports with comprehensive treatment plans. SCITC Offers 15857 Pomona Rincon Rd, Chino Hills, CA 94025