Analyzing Healthy Neck Curvature


We’ve spoken a lot in our Doctors on Liens blog about healthy spinal alignment, but what about the curvature of the neck? We recently spoke with Dr. Hanin Hawatmeh of Cloud Chiropractic Wellness and Rehab in La Habra, California, about the healthy curvature of a neck.

Dr. Hawatmeh explained that the curvature of your neck being in the ideal, healthy position is crucial as this adds strength and flexibility to your spinal cord. This curve also ensures that you have proper alignment of your bones, ligaments, and neck tendons. It’s important to regularly get your neck curvature checked by your doctor, especially if you have recently gone through an injury such as a car accident.

So, what does healthy neck curvature look like?

A healthy neck curvature is one that has a gentle C-shape. When this shape becomes irregular on someone, they can begin experiencing headaches, migraines, neck pains, blurry vision, and even potentially neurological issues. Clearly, it is important to keep your neck healthy.

If you notice that your neck curvature isn’t ideal, the first thing you should do is visit your chiropractor to adjust this. After that, be sure to be mindful of your posture. Focus on keeping your shoulders down and back as you go about your day and try not to push your neck forward. As you become more mindful of your daily stance, the easier it will be to keep your neck appropriately aligned.

If you think your curvature is off, which could especially be true after a car accident, be sure to visit one of our chiropractors on a lien, such as Dr. Hanin Hawatmeh, or any of the doctors on our list who work on a lien basis.