Doctors on Liens Chiropractor Provides At-Home Care Kits

If you’ve been injured in an accident during the COVID-19 period, you might have noticed how much more difficult it became to seek help. Suddenly, there are more obstacles. And when you do find the right doctor who works on a lien basis, you might be too afraid to visit their office at this time to seek appropriate medical attention. But the more you wait and sit on your injury, the more permanent the damage could become and the more you could begin hurting.

Your injury isn’t going to wait for COVID to go away. It’s still important to receive care immediately after an accident regardless of whether or not you are high risk for COVID-19 or if you feel comfortable going into a physical location. So, what can you do? Luckily, one of our doctors came up with a rather clever solution.

Our Doctors on Lien’s chiropractor Dr. Anthony J. Pirritano, DC, has a solution for you. During this trying time, Dr. Pirritano is offering a very unique response for all patients who don’t want to come into his office physically due to the current state of the world. You see, Dr. Pirritano is providing a series of at-home care kits for his patients accompanied by telemedicine visits.

Hear Dr. Pirritano talk about this on his Quick Tip video here:

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He’s providing a series of three boxes to help patients recover from home. The first box offered is for acute patients and contains an ice pack, cream, and an herbal muscle relaxant. His second kit, provided as the patient begins to recover, includes a home roller, a hot pack, and refills on the cream and muscle relaxant. Lastly, the third kit is there to help strengthen a patient’s muscles after they have begun recovering. This includes TheraBands, Theraballs, and things of this nature. The kits are all accompanied by telemedicine visits so Dr. Pirritano can explain the importance of and how to use each item. With his solution, you get the comfort of a telemedicine visit with the effectiveness of a treatment.

So, if you’ve been in injured in an auto accident during these trying times and are too afraid to or too high risk to visit an office, reach out to Dr. Pirritano or one of our chiropractors and discuss your options today.