Doctors On Liens Proudly Partners With Top-Notch Chiropractor In San Jose

Doctors on Liens and Healing Touch Chiropractic have teamed up in East San Jose to provide care to  personal injury victims.

Doctors on Liens, the leading network of medical providers working on a lien basis, strives to partner with the greatest medical professionals who provide the most effective and efficient care on a lien basis. Doctors on Liens pre-screens and pre-approves each medical professional on their list, ensuring that everyone receives prompt and courteous service, same or next day appointments, and detailed medical evaluations by the best providers throughout California.  

The most recent addition to this exclusive network is Dr. Harman Cherra, DC with Healing Touch Chiropractic. His office is proudly rated by patients as one of the best offices in the South Bay Area. 

Dr. Cherra, who graduated with both a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Master of Health Administration, has many years of professional experience. He proudly works with care and  expert knowledge as he manipulates the joints and spine throughout the body to establish optimal pain relief, joint mobility and function. His specialization and experience with Healing Touch Chiropractic includes:

  • Diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions
  • Working with patients through the technique of spinal decompression
  • Implementing systems and processes and to ensure quality is not compromised
  • Active partnerships in multidisciplinary patient care with medical doctors and other health care professionals

To Learn more about Dr. Cherra and the rest of the team at Healing Touch Chiropractic see their profile page on the Doctors on Liens website

Healing Touch Chiropractic
2724 Aborn Rd
San Jose, CA 95121