How to Protect Yourself During an Accident


In the moment of a car crash, there isn’t much time for any thoughts to surface in your mind. And if they do, it’s likely they won’t be very clear. Regardless, we’d like to relay some information to you regarding the best position to assume when you are in a car crash. It’s possible you don’t remember if the time ever comes where you need this information, but hopefully, it will be in the back of your mind to help you react in the best possible way if you do get into an accident.

We spoke with Dr. Devin Luzod, DC, our chiropractor from Spinal Care of Nevada in Summerlin, Las Vegas about this, and Dr. Luzod told us that you can be hurt in different ways depending on whether or not you tense or brace your muscles. When you see the accident coming and brace yourself, you are actually better protecting your muscles whereas if you don’t see it coming or don’t have the time to tense up, you can put a harsher and larger stretch on your ligaments and tendons. They are much more well protected when you tense up. So, while you may receive different injuries in each situation, Dr. Luzod believes it’s better to tense up to protect your muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Dr. Luzod also let us know that another great way to protect yourself from injury, specifically from getting whiplash, is to have a good neck brace/head rest in the car. If your car seat’s head rest is well placed behind your head (and not too low or too high) with your head properly against it, this can also protect you from worse injuries in an accident

However, if you have been injured in any sort of auto accident, it’s important you speak with a doctor who works on a lien basis to get the ideal treatment for your situation. At Spinal Care of Nevada, Dr. Luzod and his team use gentle techniques that help you all the way- from getting pain relief to getting you back to the quality of life that you deserve after your accident.