The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


We recently spoke with Dr. Setareh Derakhshan of Your Health in Motion, our chiropractor in Clairemont, California, about something we haven’t spoken a lot about before- Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Dr. Derakhshan discussed that her office regularly uses Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy, a chamber that allows patients to breath in pure oxygen in a pressurized environment.

It’s clear that oxygen is heavily involved in our body’s daily functions. So, it only makes sense that oxygen can work as a way to heal our bodies, as well. Dr. Derakhshan uses this chamber to treat patients who are suffering from pain and discomfort, as it is fantastic for oxygenation, which decreases inflammation. In other words, the chamber allows us to take in more oxygen than we would normally receive to heal our bodies.

There is 1.0 atm of atmospheric pressure here on earth. Dr. Derakhshan’s hyperbaric oxygen chamber allows for 1.3 atm of pressure in a sealed chamber. When sealed in, it allows for you to breath in 30% more oxygen than you would regularly get walking around.

While we haven’t regularly seen this type of treatment for car accident victims, Dr. Derakhshan expressed that breathing in the extra oxygen offers anti-inflammatory benefits, which is helpful in alleviating the pain and discomfort caused by car-accident injuries. After all, injured tissue requires more oxygen to heal and survive, which is why a hyperbaric chamber is so important for the healing process.

Other benefits of this chamber include an overall better feeling of health and wellness, and, therefore, happiness, more energy, and flushed, healthier skin. It’s also well known for treating decompression sickness, which can occur as a result of scuba diving accidents.

All in all, more oxygen provides your body a better chance to heal after it’s been injured in a car accident. Because of this, it’s important to speak with Dr. Derakhshan or one of our other doctors who work on a lien basis to ensure you are getting the necessary treatment after you’ve been injured in a car accident.