The Equation for Power


When you exercise or train for any event, you likely want power. Power is generally equated to performance in the sports world, after all. Most people think that strength training with the right conditioning equates to power. However, there’s another element that needs to be added into the equation for optimum performance, an element that is just as important.

You see, we spoke with Dr. Dae Lee, DC, from Lee Chiropractic, our doctor who works on a lien basis in Murrieta California, and he emphasized that anyone in the sports world, whether they be a pro athlete, a collegiate athlete, a high school athlete, a junior athlete or a weekend warrior, needs to take a very specific equation for power into consideration- one that includes elasticity. Yes, by that he means stretching.

According to Dr. Lee, strength training plus conditioning plus elasticity can equal optimum power in the sports world. He says that most people make the mistake of leaving ‘elasticity’ out of the equation by not focusing on stretching as much as they do strength training and conditioning, and this can easily lead to more sports-related injuries. By focusing on stretching just as much as you do the other two elements in the equation, according to Dr. Lee, that means it can give you the ultimate power with minimal injury.

Of course, if you’re training for a big sports event or for a career as an athlete, it’s important to regularly see someone in the field of sports medicine. And if you’ve been injured in a sporting event or are if you were injured in a car accident that has hindered your career in sports, it’s important to speak with Dr. Lee of Lee Chiropractic or one of our other doctors who work on a lien basis for professional advice and insights.