The Importance of Doctors on Liens in the Medical Lien Process

Doctors on Liens

When someone has been injured in an auto or work accident, it becomes a delicate and important situation that needs immediate attention. After a client speaks with an attorney and decides that finding a doctor on a lien basis is the right path to take, it is now up to the attorney to find a reliable doctor that accepts lien cases, has experience working on a lien basis, and is a reliable and outstanding member of the medical community. Going to an unreliable doctor can be a terrible mistake in this type of situation. So how does one find a reliable doctor who works on a lien basis? That’s where Doctors on Liens comes in. In this instance, it’s important to have a service to connect the attorney with a reliable doctor.

Valuable Resources for Attorneys

Doctors on Liens™ is a network of qualified medical professionals who specialize in med/legal evaluations and treatments for personal injury and workers’ compensation cases on a lien basis. There is no cost to the attorney, no commission, and no hidden fee. This makes Doctors on Liens an invaluable resource for attorneys.

What makes Doctors on Liens stand out from other services is the ease we provide to the process by pre-screening and pre-approving each medical professional on our list. We pre-screen to ensure that each medical professional is fully accredited in their respective field, has the experience needed, is well versed in working on lien cases, completes timely, accurate med/legal evaluations, and, of course, has a good reputation in the industry. If a doctor fails to meet our high standards, we will promptly remove him or her from our list.

To summarize, Doctors on Liens provides the best professionals possible in an easy-to-read and easy-to-access free list to all attorneys with no catch, making the service an unbelievably valuable tool for any attorney.

Valuable Marketing Tool for Doctors

Anyone can start a physician referral service but securing the kind of unparalleled relationships we have with so many of the top legal firms in California does not come easily or quickly. We’ve put over two decades into this industry and delivered consistently successful results because of it. That’s something no other service can offer, and why we’re the standard that all others are measured against.

When a doctor is added to our list, this is a badge of honor for the doctor, showing attorneys and clients that they have passed our rigorous screening process. This list is then marketed to our extensive network of top legal firms, providing them with easy access to our specialists who work on a lien basis.

Connecting Attorneys with Our Doctors

Sometimes, providing a good middleman who ensures each side receives the dedicated care and attention needed is crucial for a successful case. All communication takes place between the doctors and the attorneys, but we are always available to talk to either party if any discrepancies arises.

The medical lien process doesn’t have to be overly complicated. With the right team, it can work with ease. Therefore, Doctors on Liens is here to easily connect top-of-the-line medical professionals with the very best personal injury and workers compensation attorneys in California.