The Importance of Stretching (Especially While We are Stuck at Home)

Stretching Series Part 1

During the last few months of staying at home, most people have found themselves sitting around without moving much at all.  In fact, most consider it an accomplishment to take a brisk walk around the block. The lack of physical activity during the pandemic can easily cause flareups and pain from old injuries. We can also be left feeling stiff and uncomfortable after sitting at home for days on end. Because of this, Doctors on Liens Doctor Golan Nissim, DC has provided us with some simple stretches to help ease tension in our arms and wrists.

Stretching is important, as it helps avoid the pain of overuse or past injuries. This is especially helpful when we are stationary for long periods of time. Stretching also helps your joints move through their full range of motion which enables your muscles to work as efficiently as possible. Stretching can even help improve your posture and decrease muscle soreness.

Follow along below with our Doctors on Liens Dr. Golan Nissim, DC’s stretch routine. Do not force any stretches or motions, rather gently move your arm to where it is comfortable during the stretch. Try to hold each stretch for 6 seconds if possible. But, again, don’t push yourself.

First, outstretch your elbow and push down on your palm. Next, stretch out just your thumb, as it is an independent muscle.

Next, bend your elbow, keep your wrist bent, and turn your fingers to the side.

Then, drop your elbow and curl your wrist. Finally, twist your wrist from there and hold that stretch.

Again, don’t force any stretches and try to hold each for 6 seconds. This should help your wrists, arms, and hands feel refreshed as you go about your days in quarantine. And if you are still feeling pain and need to see a specialist, be sure to see one of our highly-trained specialists at Doctors on Liens.

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