Why Getting a Medical Evaluation After an Accident is So Important

After being in an accident, it is quite common to feel spacey, shocked, and not completely in your body. As car accidents are so stressful, the period of time immediately following one is confusing. You are likely not going to be thinking as straightforward as you should be. So, even if you are feeling fine immediately after an accident, it may still be important to get a medical evaluation anyway. Here’s why you should always plan on having an evaluation by a qualified doctor who works on a lien basis after an accident.

Anyone Can Be Injured in an Accident Whether They Were at Fault or Not

Car accident injuries don’t discriminate. The truth is that you can be hurt even if you were not at fault. You could have been extremely caught off guard, tensed and moved the wrong way, and now you are severely hurt from it. Car accident injuries can happen to you as the driver as well as to any of your passengers. The reality is that your body most likely went through trauma, and anyone can be hurt in that situation.

Even the Smallest Accident Can Cause Injury

Because many car accident injuries come from your body being jerked around and/or from your body reacting to being jerked around, even a small fender bender can leave your body injured. Don’t make matters worse by telling yourself an accident was too small to leave you hurt. Any accident can leave you in pain. If you feel like you hurt yourself, be sure to get a medical evaluation.

Symptoms Can Show Up Days After an Accident

You know how you can feel sore days following a hard workout? Car accident victims experience similar sensations. You can feel fine right after an accident and then wake up a day or two later in excruciating pain. To help prevent this, it’s important to see a doctor for a medical evaluation immediately following a car accident- just in case. A chiropractor can listen to what happened in an accident and provide preventative care, as well.

It’s Harder to Prove that Your Injury Came from an Accident if You Wait

If you don’t get a medical evaluation right away, symptoms of an injury can appear days or weeks after your accident. However, if you wait that long to seek treatment, it will be harder to link the injury to the accident. So, to ensure the injury came from your accident and to have proof that says this, you need to seek medical treatment right away.

To summarize, if you’ve been in an accident, you will want to get a medical evaluation- just in case. Most likely, you’ll want to visit a doctor who works on a lien basis. Read more about that and about what else to do if you’ve been in a car accident here