Why Water Intake is Important to Your Chiropractic Routine


Many people don’t think much about drinking water when it comes to their health, especially when it involves something as seemingly unrelated as a chiropractic adjustment. However, drinking water is actually a crucial step to having a healthy body. And it is especially important to drink water before and after a chiropractic adjustment.

Dr. Hanin Hawatmeh of Cloud Chiropractic Wellness and Rehab in La Habra, one of our chiropractors from Doctors on Liens, spoke with Doctors on Liens about the signs of dehydration and the importance of staying hydrated. You can watch her Quick Tip Video here, or continue to read on below for more:

Dr. Hawatmeh reminded us that since the weather has been so warm recently, it is especially important to think about drinking water to avoid dehydration. The top indicators of dehydration can be thirst, dizziness, confusion, and headaches. If you are feeling any of these symptoms and haven’t drunk much water, it’s crucial to reach for your water bottle and get started.

A general cheat to determine just how much water you need in a day is to take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2. The number you are left with is roughly the number or ounces of water you should be drinking in a day. And since drinking water has so many other benefits, it’s important to try and intake at least that much water daily, ESPECIALLY on days where you receive a chiropractic adjustment.

If you don’t drink enough water after a chiropractic adjustment, your ligaments can lose elasticity and strength due to dehydration. This can leave you sore or worse. So, it’s imperative to drink water after an adjustment and to, of course, always stay hydrated.

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