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what we do

At Doctors on Liens™ we take our business very seriously. We know attorneys aren't just using our service to find a doctor, they're using it to find the BEST doctor and that’s what we provide. We are not doctors or lawyers. We are not a subsidiary of any medical group or law firm. We are impartial facilitators helping attorneys find qualified medical professionals who work on a lien basis.

The legal community has trusted our name for over 25 years because this is all we do.

Dr. Kevin Kelly DC. All photos © Doctors on Liens, Inc.

  • The Type of Service We Provide

    As a physician referral service, our job is to provide simple and convenient doctor access to attorneys. We do not get directly involved with any case. All communication takes place between the doctors and the attorneys, but we are always available to talk to either party if any discrepancies arise.

    We strongly recommend avoiding any referral service that is owned or operated by anyone in the medical or legal community because, by law, the amount of involvement they can have with their clients is extremely limited. In the end the client may suffer because of it, as it brings impartially into question and sets the stage for a possible conflict of interest.

  • How We Screen Our Doctors

    Our comprehensive screening process assures that every doctor on our list...

    →is fully accredited in their respective medical field.
    →has been practicing for at least 3 years.
    →has extensive experience with working on liens.
    →completes timely and accurate med/legal evaluations.
    →has been referred by a reputable med/legal professional.

    Additionally, if any doctor in our service fails to meet our notoriously high standards, we will promptly remove him or her from our list and replace them with someone who does.

  • Why Our Service Is The Industry Standard

    Our success is built on three things: Experience, Reputation, and Relationships.

    Anyone can start a physician referral service, but securing the kind of unparalleled relationships we have with so many of the top legal firms in the country does not come easily or quickly. We’ve put over two decades into this industry and delivered consistently successful results because of it. That's something no other service can offer, and why we're the standard that all others are measured against.

How to get on our list (for doctors)

First, make sure that you meet all of our criteria as we are very particular about the doctors we accept. There are other services that are less discriminating, but our doctors get consistently better results because of our high standards. To enquire about starting the screening process, call 855-DOC-LIENS.

We only take one doctor from each geographical area, so you may be placed on a waiting list. Sometimes we can place you in a matter of months, but in more geographically desirable locations we've had doctors wait for years to join our service. Please ask about your location.