An Interview with Dr. Harold Kraft Regarding No Needle Epidurals

No Needle Epidural

Here at Doctors on Liens, we continually work with doctors and specialists who work on a lien basis. It’s rare when a doctor comes around with a specialty service or procedure that we are unfamiliar with. That’s why, when we heard about Dr. Harold Kraft’s No Needle Epidural, we knew he would make a valuable addition to our list of qualified medical professionals who work on a lien basis.

No Needle Epidurals are unique as they are half the cost and can have equally if not more effective results than big needle epidurals. Dr. Harold Kraft met up with us to discuss all about the No Needle Epidural process. They are ideal for patients who do not wish to have anything injected into their body and patients who are not responding well to big needle epidural treatments. Read below with highlights from Dr. Kraft’s interview, and watch the full-length interview here!

Dr. Kraft, can you please tell us about the services you offer?

I’m a pain management physician, and the services I offer are virtually the same as any other pain management physician except that I no longer use big needle epidurals; I use a laser to get the same effect with a “No Needle Epidural.”

Can you please tell us about the benefits of getting a “No Needle Epidural” service over a traditional big needle epidural injection?

It’s a very high-powered laser, and the mechanism of action is that the body will secrete anti-inflammatories. It treats inflammation not only in the nerve root but in all the soft tissues that are so often damaged.

I’m not against Big Needle Epidurals. I used to do them, and if you need one or your patient needs one, you should definitely get one. The No Needle Epidural has two main advantages: it’s half the cost and is generally better at treating most pain.

Big Needle Epidurals only treat inflammation around the nerve root. And honestly, a lot of accident victims either don’t have much nerve root pain or they have soft tissue pain in addition. The laser treats both nerve root inflammation and soft tissue inflammation which includes- muscle, ligament, and even bone (which I’ll throw into soft tissues because I’m an anesthesiologist).

How exactly does the “No Needle Epidural” process work?

We identity the area that is inflamed and laser that area.

You need a very strong dose on the skin to get the effective dose in the laser into the nerve root area that is inflamed. Most people who use laser in the country do not use a strong enough dose and, therefore, don’t get enough of an effect. A typical series of No Needle Epidurals is about 12 treatments which equals about one big needle epidural.

The recoveries and improvement statistics are very similar for no needle and big needle epidurals even though they are very different animals. They both work in about 60% of patients. If you have a patient or client who has failed a big needle epidural, it does not predict if they will have success or failure with No Needle Epidural.

In what situations would you recommend someone receive a “No Needle Epidural” session?

If a patient says, “I really don’t want that big needle inside of me. I don’t want those drugs inside of me.”-whatever their excuse is, a No Needle Epidural is painless, most patients love getting it, and it can be a perfect fit for people who need to get treated…”

How do you help patients who have recently been in car accidents?

I reassure them most of the time the pain gets better.

I reassure them I can understand their pain.

I treat the pain with a series of high-dose No Needle Epidurals.

Is there anything else about the “No Needle Epidural” process that we didn’t cover that you would like to talk about?

The one downside of No Needle Epidurals is that it is not a linear progression. Often, the most common person needs 4-6 treatments before they experience any results. About 20% of my patients (and it’s a genetic response) will experience tremendous pain relief after 1, 2 or 3 treatments. And I’ll let someone go typically up to 12 treatments before giving up without any response because I do have late responders.

How can someone make an appointment with “No Needle Epidural”?

The simplest way is to go to or you can call us directly at 818-855-5950 or you can go to your web browser and type in No Needle Epidural.