How Motorized Flexion Distraction Tables Can Increase the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Our latest Quick Tip video features Doctors on Liens Dr. Kenneth Winer, DC of Canoga Park discussing the importance of a Motorized Flexion Distraction Table. These tables can easily increase the benefits of chiropractic care. Find out how by watching Dr. Winer, DC’s Quick Tip here and reading on below.  

What is a Flexion-Distraction Table?

Flexion-Distraction Tables are used for doctors to perform Flexion-Distraction therapy; these tables are segmented to move up and down slowly as the chiropractor works and manipulates the spine. This is meant to stretch and decompress the spine which will reduce the pressure on the spinal discs, improve the range of motion, help one manage back pain, relieve any stiffness in the back, and help to improve posture. The table does this by helping to get joint motion up in the lower back and by allowing discs to move back down if there might be a bulge.

Dr. Winer, DC prefers to use a Motorized Flexion-Distraction Table as it is more effective than any other table. Due to the motorized movements of the table, he can get both hands down on the back and get a better feel for what’s going on as the tail piece of the table slowly moves up and down.

How Does this Work?

As the table goes up and down, your chiropractor can work the lower back area, pushing down on the tail bone and up on the rest of the spine if needed. This gets everything separated and opened up, which is the goal of this treatment. After 10-15 motions, the treatment is complete.

By adding this table to your routine and helping to get movement back into your lower back, you can surely increase the benefits of your chiropractic appointment.