Special Tips for Breast Implant Recovery Patients


For today’s quick tip, we spoke with Dr. Mark Youssef, our surgeon who works on a lien basis at Younique Surgery Center in Santa Monica, California, about breast implant recovery. Dr. Youssef explains in his video that sometimes car accident injuries can lead to ruptured implants and breast capsular contracture, which is where there is increased firmness or scar tissue that forms around the breast. If there is a ruptured implant due to an accident, surgery must be performed to fix it, and at times, breast capsular contracture can form as a result of the surgery, as well. So, Dr. Youssef provided us with three important tips to help prevent this and aid in breast implant recovery.

In the video above, Dr. Youssef provides the following three tips to aid in breast implant recovery and help patients avoid developing capsular contracture.

Tip 1- Do not lift heavy objects for the first 6 weeks after surgery. Lifting heavy objects or straining yourself too much can move the implants and shift their location in your breast, which you don’t want.

Tip 2– Dr. Youssef suggests taking the medication Singulair, which is Montelukast. While usually an allergy medication that prevents inflammation, Dr. Youssef also claims that Singulair also helps prevent the hardening of the breast tissue after your surgery or accident.

Tip 3– Dr. Youssef suggests that you regularly massage the area around the implants for several weeks following the surgery to aid in your recovery.

All in all, if you’ve been injured in an accident that ruptured or damaged your implants, it’s important to seek help urgently from a surgeon that works on a lien. Dr. Youssef is available in the Santa Monica area, as are any of our doctors who work on a lien basis across California and Nevada.