Did You Know You Should Be Doing This Daily Stretch?


We spoke with Dr. Nariman Gabay, our chiropractor who works on a lien basis in Encino, California, about the appropriate stretches you should be doing each day to protect your lower back. Dr. Gabay stated that if you think stretching your hamstring and glute muscles are the only way to protect your lower back, you are mistaken! Most people just stretch those muscles and call it a day. However, it’s equally important to stretch the front of your leg, as well, as an additional precaution to protect your lower back. So, you should be doing the following daily stretch. Dr. Gabay explains more in his Quick Tip Video here below:

As stated in his video, Dr. Gabay says it is crucial to also stretch the front quads of your leg, as they are just as important in protecting and strengthening your lower back. Your front quad muscles go through your lumbar spine to your lower back. He shows what this looks like on a model in his video, so be sure to follow along.

In order to appropriately stretch your front quads, grab your foot near the ankle and gently pull it up and behind you. Push your foot lightly against your back. Be sure to pull your hip back and point your knees straight down at the floor as you conduct this stretch.

Be gentle with yourself and as always, if there is any pain, don’t push it, and be sure to speak with your doctor about it prior to doing this daily stretch.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, gentle stretches are a great way to both build resistance and strength and to aid in the healing process. However, be sure to speak with your doctor prior to conducting any stretches if you have been recently injured. Dr. Gabay is ready and available for new patients in Encino, California, as are all our doctors who work on a lien basis across Southern California and Nevada. Be sure to reach out if you’ve recently been injured in an accident.