Performance Care Sports Medicine Has Begun Adding IV Therapy as Part of Their TBI Treatment Regimen


Performance Care Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, our office that works on a lien basis in North Hollywood, California, recently made headlines discussing how IV Therapy can be utilized when treating traumatic brain injuries (or TBIs). TBIs affect millions of accident victims per year, and they can be devastating. Dr. Golan Nissim at Performance Care Sports Medicine began integrating intravenous (IV) therapy into his treatment plan for patients suffering from TBIs, and he discussed the benefits patients have been experiencing in their recoveries.

First, let’s discuss what a TBI is and the symptoms that may come with one. A traumatic brain injury results after a violent blow to the head or body. Generally, mild TBIs affect you only temporarily while more serious TBIs can result in torn tissue, bleeding in the brain, and other physical damage which can cause long-term complications. If you recently hit your head and you experience the following symptoms, you may want to speak with your physician: loss of consciousness, headaches, confusion and drowsiness, nausea or vomiting. You may also experience memory loss, speech problems or changes in your behavior if you are suffering from deeper issues.

Next, let’s discuss IV Therapy. IV Therapy is simply when fluids containing nutrients and (sometimes) other medications are injected directly into your veins utilizing a tube. It’s much quicker than oral ingestion, as it delivers nutrients immediately into the bloodstream. Performance Care Sports Medicine utilizes these IV fluids for both hydration and immunity boosting effects in patients.


According to Dr. Nissim, when giving IV therapy to patients with TBIs, it assists in replenishing vital fluids, balancing electrolyte levels, and stabilizing blood pressure. When given the right mixture of essential vitamins in the IV therapy, he also suggests that this can help improve the health of the brain.

If you’ve recently been injured in an accident and you have potentially been suffering from the affects of a TBI or if you show any of the symptoms above, think about reaching out to Dr. Nissim at Performance Care Sports Medicine or any of our doctors who work on a lien in your area to see if IV therapy might be right for you.