Let’s Talk About Traumatic Brain Injuries and Why a Chiropractor Should Understand the Basics of TBIs


Here at Doctors on Liens, we only work with the most qualified medical professionals who have been practicing for many years. This is because with experience in the healthcare profession comes a greater knowledge of the craft. We were lucky enough to speak with Dr. Parehjan, DC recently about TBIs or Traumatic Brain Injuries. Now, you may be asking why we were speaking with a chiropractor about brain injuries. This does seem odd, but Dr. Parehjan opened up our minds to a very good point about this.

When you’ve been injured in an accident specifically, it’s likely that the first line of care you will meet is a chiropractor. Generally, patients first go to chiropractors who work on a lien before being referred to other specialists such as pain management specialists, neurosurgeons, or surgery centers. Dr. Parehjan told us that he liked to understand as much as he could about TBIs so he could refer patients to the right professional if they have the symptoms displayed by one suffering from a TBI.

Dr. Parehjan went to many webinars and seminars about TBIS and learned that the symptoms include blurry vision, confusion, loss of balance, problems speaking, and trouble focusing. Now, when he sees any patients showing these symptoms, he knows to refer them to the right professional who can help ensure they get the proper care. That’s just one way that an experienced doctor who works on a lien basis can utilize their expertise to ensure each patient has the best care.

So, if you’ve been injured in an auto accident, be sure to check out one of Dr. Parehjans’s offices or find another doctor who works on a lien basis off of our trusted list.