Why Techies Regularly Need Chiropractic Care


While our doctors who work on a lien basis are mostly known for primarily treating auto injury victims, that’s definitely not the only type of client they see. In fact, we spoke with Dr. Henry Oyharcabal, DC from Atlas Health Center in San Francisco, and he told us that his office sees techies just as frequently as they see car accident victims.

Follow along with Dr. Oyharcabal’s Quick Tip video here and / or read on below for more:

Why do techies regularly need chiropractic care?

Working on a computer or looking at your phone all day can create strain on your neck and shoulders while creating long-term damage to the curvature of your neck. You see, when we work on the computer and our screen isn’t at eye level or when we hold our phone and don’t bring it up to our face, we generally slouch our shoulders forward and move our head down to look at the device, forcing out the healthy curvature that naturally exists in our neck and shoulders.

What can we do to prevent this?

Instead of slouching back and /or leaning forward in an unstructured seat, think about sitting up right and having the best posture you can while working at your desk. See a great example of this HERE. Most importantly with this, make sure that you bring the screen of your computer to eye level so you can keep your head and neck straight and back. This also applies to your phone. If you are looking at your phone, never look down at it, rather bring it up to face level. This may be easier said than done, but your neck and shoulders will thank you after some time doing it right.

All in all, if you’ve been injured in an accident OR if you’re suffering from looking at your devices too much, be sure to reach out to Dr. Oyharcabal or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis for more!