Miracle Mile Surgery Center Treats Scars in Personal Injury Cases


Today, we were lucky enough to speak with Dr. Sean Satey MD FACS, our plastic surgeon who works on a lien basis at Miracle Mile Surgery Center in Los Angeles, California, about scar management in personal injury cases. Dr. Satey told us that when he works with scar management in personal injury cases, he does so in a tiered fashion. Watch his Quick Tip video here or read on for more:

What does it mean to work in a tiered fashion? Dr. Satey addresses all scar management incidents in personal injury cases step by step, going from the least invasive option to the most. So, when a patient first discusses needing scar management, Dr. Satey tries skincare treatments and regimens that may help pull out the color and pigment of scars. So, the first choice of treatment is fully non-invasive. If that doesn’t work, he moves onto the next step and/or tier.

The next tier consists of using lasers as a part of the scar management treatment, which has become a popular treatment to get rid of scar tissue. And if the scars don’t respond to the regimens or the lasers, the next step on Dr. Satey’s plan is to surgically remove them. He said that by surgically removing the scars, he starts over with a fresh, new incision that he can monitor and maintain to ensure it heals more manageably. As you can see, his treatment options go from non-invasive to invasive depending on how a patient’s body responds to the treatment.

All in all, if you’ve been injured in an auto accident and are looking to control and manage your scars, be sure to speak with Dr. Sean Satey of Miracle Mile Surgery Center or any of our plastic surgeons who work on a lien basis. Doctors on Liens is always here for you with recommendations for any of your personal injury needs.