How To Keep Your Posture Ideal While Working from Home

Many of us are still working from home, at least a few days a week if not more. For most of us, as we work from home, our posture suffers. We are, of course, very comfortable in our homes, so we don’t pay as much attention to our posture as we should. After all, when we are in a comfortable environment, we tend to let go and relax more. Because of this we inevitably begin slouching, a habit that is very hard to break. To fix this, we encourage you to put aside a specific space where you can spend your time working that is separate from where you will be sleeping. In other words, don’t work from your bed. Instead, set up a space where you can sit up as if you would be in your office at a desk — even if you don’t have a home office. Next, you should focus on certain do’s and don’ts  while working from home.

Doctors on Liens’ very own, Dr. Levon Nalbandyan, created a quick tip video with our team to discuss easy ways to improve your posture. Watch along with the video below and take these tips to heart as you continue to work from your home office.

First, as mentioned, sit in your own designated workspace. As you do, keep in mind that sitting on your wallet can have terrible repercussions on your posture. It can cause damage to your pelvis, hips, and knees. So it’s important to remember to carry your wallet in your front pocket if you’re keeping it in your pants.

Next, if you have to look at your phone, be sure to keep your back straight. Don’t lean forward to do so. If you have to, bring your phone closer to your face. Do not bring your face closer to your phone.

Finally, keep a football handy! Place the football in-between your lower back and your chair. This football at your lower back will keep you focused on your posture and keep you from leaning forward. It’s a natural way to keep yourself from slouching while you work.

All in all, it’s important to think about your posture as you work from home. It could prevent future health concerns in the long run. If you feel your posture suffering, you should think about visiting a chiropractor. And if your posture is suffering from an auto accident, be sure to visit the Doctors on Liens website to see our list of qualified chiropractors on a lien.