A Natural Remedy for Treating Muscle Spasms and Inflammation


While there are many treatments options and medications out there for both muscle spasms and inflammation, it’s important to remember that various natural remedies exist, as well. If you’re looking for a more natural answer to your issues prior to exploring more hands on and invasive options conducted by a specialist, then one of the newest doctors on our list has a quick tip for you!

We spoke with Dr. Arman Ghods of Ghods Chiropractic in Jurupa Valley and Mira Loma, California, and he provided a quick tip about a couple of natural supplements you can take, one for inflammation and one for muscle spasms. Follow along with us in Dr. Ghods’s Quick Tip Video here below:

Dr. Ghods begins his tip by explaining that in the US, most of the population is deficient in two supplements: Magnesium and Iodine. If you find yourself having muscle spasms that you cannot control, of course, the first thing you should do is speak with your doctor about your options. Dr. Ghods suggests taking 1000mg of magnesium prior to trying any more in-depth solutions.

Next, he stresses the importance of taking Tumeric if you are having inflammatory issues. Tumeric has been used for thousands of years by many different cultures, and it’s been known to help reduce inflammation.

All in all, if you’ve been injured in an accident or are having issues with muscle spasms and inflammation, be sure to speak with Dr. Ghods in Mira Loma and Jurupa Valley or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis about the best treatment plan for you. Be sure to mention if you’d like to try for more natural remedies first, and perhaps, the above-mentioned supplements may be right for you in your case.