Why It’s Important to Pay Attention to Your Hands and Wrists After an Accident


If you’ve been injured in an accident, it is likely that upon visiting a doctor who works on a lien for your evaluation, the focus will be on any whiplash, head injuries, or injuries to your shoulders or spine. It’s common that this is the first thing that gets evaluated. In fact, according to Dr. Jonathan Oheb, MD, our orthopedic hand surgeon who works on a lien basis in Encino, Beverly Hills, and Mission Hills, hand and wrist injuries tend to get overlooked all the time. Hear Dr. Oheb’s quick tip below and follow along with him here:


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Dr. Jonathan Oheb is a hand surgeon who specializes in complex high-level injuries to the hand, wrists, and shoulders. He explained that regularly in car accidents, patients use their hands and arms to protect themselves, whether it’s the driver protecting their face from the airbags or passengers holding up their hands to protect themselves from impact. Unfortunately, these types of injuries regularly get overlooked. And when hand and wrist injuries get overlooked, they tend to get worse over time and can lead to huge consequences if not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Ignoring them could even result in complications that affect your ability to use your hands in everyday life.

So, if you’ve been injured in an auto accident, it’s important to get an evaluation by a doctor who works on a lien basis. And if you feel any pain or discomfort in your hands or wrists, ask for a recommendation for a hand and upper extremities surgeon who works on a lien to evaluate your pain. We’re happy to highlight Dr. Jonathan Oheb in Encino, Mission Hills, and Beverly Hills or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis.