Stretches to Help Alleviate the Tension from Whiplash

Stretching Series Part 2

If you have been rear-ended in an auto accident, it is likely that you may have developed whiplash from it. Whiplash is a neck injury that is caused by rapid, forceful back-and-forth movements (like a whip). While it is commonly caused by getting rear-ended in your car, whiplash can be caused by a number of other accidents such as from a sports injury or taking a hard fall.

What are the symptoms of whiplash? When one experiences whiplash, their muscles will become tight around the neck. They may also experience pain around the neck area, especially when rocking their head backwards or from side to side. They may also feel stiffness and the decrease in range of motion that comes with it. There may also be a headache that forms at the base of the skull that is very hard to get rid of.

Many doctors who work on lien cases can help you deal with these whiplash symptoms.  

In fact, Premier Chiropractic, one of our Doctors on Liens chiropractic offices, has released a Quick Tip video showcasing a few simple stretches to alleviate the pain and tension caused by whiplash. Follow the instructions here below and watch their video to help relieve your neck pain.

Remember, as with any stretching, please do not force the stretches. Apply a gentle amount of pressure for each stretch, and if you feel any pain, stop and do not go any further.

The first stretch is a chin tuck. Depress and draw your chin horizontally backwards for one minute. Be sure to breath into the stretch. Repeat this stretch three times.

Next, Premier Chiropractic will show you how to do a Cervical Spine Lateral Self-Stretch. To do this, grab the side of your head and pull your head to the side. Do this for one minute. Then, release and do the other side.

Finally, they end on the Rotational Stretch. Apply pressure to one of your cheek bones for one minute. Then, move on to the other side. Repeat this stretch three times on both sides.

If you have experienced whiplash from an accident, you should consider speaking with a doctor or chiropractor who works on a lien to help alleviate your pain today.

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