How a Pre-Existing Condition Can Help Your Patients Case

It is very common in many cases, when a client has been injured in an auto accident and is new to the personal injury world, they don’t want to tell their doctors or attorneys about their pre-existing conditions as they believe this can hurt their case. The reality is that this thought, while common, isn’t true. In many instances, a pre-existing condition can actually help a personal injury case.

A pre-existing condition is any injury or medical condition that one had before they got into their auto accident. Many think, without any evidence to back it up, that having a pre-existing condition will hurt the validity of the injury they received in an accident.

On the contrary, having a pre-existing condition could help a case. You see, causing a deeper injury to a pre-existing condition could actually make someone become much more injured than they would have been from an accident had they not had a pre-existing condition. In other words, it is easier for an accident to worsen a pre-existing condition than it is for a new injury to occur.

It’s also true that a patient who has a pre-existing condition with regular care will have a much easier time producing medical records than someone who doesn’t, taking away some of the stress and preparation of a court case.

In this situation, it is also crucial to have a knowledgeable team helping you, as they will know how to use the benefits of your pre-existing condition in your personal injury case. And, of course, it is crucial to visit a doctor who works on a lien basis regularly to help with your case, as well.

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