Doctors On Liens Sponsors Lunches On Lawyers

Doctors on Liens

Doctors on Liens was proud to sponsor Lunches on Lawyers this past week. Tork Law recently teamed up with Feher Law to create Lunches on Lawyers. Working with members of the med-legal community, Lunches on Lawyers is bringing not only food but a bit of generosity and gratitude to the healthcare workers during this pandemic.

Boris Villegas, Doctors on Liens’ Los Angeles area marketing manager met with representatives from both Tork Law and Feher Law to deliver lunches to Holy Cross Medical Center, Los Angeles Community Hospital and White Memorial Hospital. In all, the teams delivered nearly 200 lunches to our frontline medical workers. In the first two weeks of Lunches on Lawyers the teams visited nine medical facilities in Los Angeles, Orange County and surrounding areas. Not only does this campaign help the medical staff working so tirelessly during this pandemic but it also helps local restaurants and food suppliers whose business have been hurt by the current events of Covid19.

Lunches on Lawyers will continue throughout the pandemic and in the future for other crisis situations which may arise. Tork Law and Feher Law are still looking for members of the med-legal community to help sponsor each lunch they provide to the hospital frontline workers. A big thank you to Tork Law and Feher Law for letting us be a part of this great campaign.