The Importance of Conducting Neck Stretches


We tend to focus a lot on shoulder stretches (and their overall health) but what about our neck? Our neck is such an important part of our body, and it regularly gets neglected. After all, our neck keeps our head on our bodies, plays a vital role in our oral health, and helps to ward off head injuries when well strengthened. So, why don’t we pay more attention to our neck health throughout our daily lives? According to our doctors, we can easily do this by adding neck stretches into our regular routines.  

We spoke with Dr. Omer Boysan of California Chiropractic, our doctor who works on a lien basis in Chatsworth, California, about an exercise to strengthen the neck. Dr. Boysan explained that the following neck stretches, which can be viewed in the video below, are crucial to help build up the deep neck flexors that serve as the core of the neck.

To do the stretch, simply tuck in your chin, put your hand on one side of your head, and push your head laterally into your hand.

Hold this for 3-5 seconds before releasing.

Then, repeat this on the other side, always tucking in your chin first. Finally, you can do this with the back of the head, as well, by tucking in your chin and pushing against your hand at the back of your head.

According to Dr. Boysan, this should help with neck pain and stabilization. And a stronger neck can provide an extra protection against head injuries.

Of course, it is important to note that if you feel any pain or irritation while stretching, it’s important to stop and speak with a medical professional asap. And if you’re looking for a doctor who works on a lien basis, be sure to visit Dr. Boysan, DC or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis today.