MLB Series Part 1: What Is A Medical Lien?

This is part 1 in a 4 part series about explaining Medical Lien Basics to your client.

As a marketing rep who recently joined Doctors on Liens™, the first question I wanted to know, of course, was, “What is a medical lien?” And when you first tell your client about a medical lien, that will probably be their first question, too. From an attorney’s perspective, you know the complexities of personal injury and workers compensation cases. However, explaining the very basics of a lien to a new client can be tough without including all the detailed information that can confuse your client.

As I’ve gained more knowledge about medical liens, and before I lose the perspective of a medical lien rookie, I wanted to share this Q&A as a resource for attorneys explaining medical liens to their clients.

So what is a medical lien?

In its simplest terms, a medical lien is an agreement by your client’s doctor to work on a contingency – meaning the doctor won’t get paid until the case settles. This takes the financial risk off of your client and transfers it to the doctor. When the case settles the doctor gets paid.

Turns out, the idea of a medical lien is pretty straight forward.  But there’s much more your client needs to know about liens from day one. Check out part two of this series on how to discuss the importance of your client seeing a doctor promptly after their injury.

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