How Doctors on Liens is Expanding its Marketing Techniques in the Wake of COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we found that social media took on a more important marketing role than ever before. As the world slowly reverts back to normal, we are seeing the importance of maintaining our social media presence as a focus of our overall marketing strategy. While our primary focus remains seeing clients daily, you will also see our frequent social media events continuing to take place. Here is what you can look forward to weekly from the Doctors on Liens Instagram:

Mixed-Up Mondays

Join Doctors on Liens each Monday on Instagram for a chance to win a prize. We will post a collage featuring three of our doctors mixed up amongst three of their baby photos. The first person to match each doctor correctly to his or her baby photo wins! Be sure to visit our Instagram each Monday morning for your chance to win.

Talented Tuesdays

Forget your stress and have a little fun with our Talented Tuesdays. It goes without saying that our doctors are immensely talented in the field, but they are just as diversely talented outside of the field, as well! Some of them are excellent dancers. Others are great at sports. Dr. Charles E. Richardson, D C (one of our chiropractors on a lien) even gave a fantastic Robert De Niro impression. Be sure to tune in each Tuesday at 4pm as we feature our doctors’ unique talents on Instagram Live.

Walk Thru Wednesdays

Each Wednesday, Doctors on Liens will introduce you to one of our highly qualified medical professionals who specialize in personal injury on a lien basis. During our Walk-Thru Wednesdays events, one of our doctors will give you a tour of his or her office where they both tell and show what makes their location so unique. Walk-Thru Wednesdays provide you with a great sneak peak into our doctors’ offices, so they are always a wonderful weekly gem.

Quick Tips

It is imperative to practice meticulous health and wellness routines following COVID-19. Each Thursday Doctors on Liens will bring you Quick Tips. Quick Tips are a series of video tips brought to you by our doctors. These videos will encourage good hygiene habits and provide tips to keep your safer during Coronavirus and beyond.

Photo by Alex Spendlove

As the “new normal” gets increasingly more digital, Social media, both personal and business, is becoming a more important strategy with each passing day. Be sure to keep watching and following our lead as Doctors on Liens embraces the digital world and the world of social media more and more.