Why It’s Important to Get Evaluated Immediately After an Auto Accident


If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, there’s the possibility that you want to keep putting off seeing any physician or doctor who works on a lien basis. We’ve all been there before in one instance or another, you keep putting off something that’s bothering you in the hopes that it will magically get better on its own. But that’s never really the case. Almost always, you’re going to wind up waiting as the situation worsens rather than watching it get better. The problem with this in the case of an accident is that most accident injuries don’t just magically get better; with rare exception, they require attention and care from a physician as quickly as possible. And the longer you wait to speak with someone, the more it could hurt your case.

We spoke with Dr. Mitzie Lam from Live Till 100, our doctor who works on a lien basis in Westminster, and she explained that the longer you ignore the pain caused by an accident, the more the inflammation causing this pain can increase, which will make the injury harder to treat and heal in the long run. According to her, waiting will likely just worsen the pain and push off your recovery. You can follow along with Dr. Lam in her Quick Tip Video here: 

To summarize, according to Dr. Lam, by getting an evaluation from a doctor who works on lien basis quickly following an auto accident, you can both get pain relief from your injury and heal faster. Acting quickly in these situations can almost always make your road to recovery quicker and more seamless for you.

So, if you’ve been injured in a car accident be sure to reach out to Dr. Mitzie Lam of Live Till 100 in Westminster or any of our doctors and specialists who work on a lien basis today.