A Quick Stretch to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain Throughout the Day


Those of us who work day after day at our desks, we know all too well about that pain that can build in our head, neck, and shoulders. If not addressed, this pain and tension can not only build, but it can also cause chronic headaches. We spoke with Dr. RJ at Cedar Pointe Chiropractic Group in Riverside, California about a quick stretch we can do throughout the day to help counteract the tension and relieve the pain caused from sitting at a desk. You can follow along with Dr. RJ’s quick tip video here below or continue reading for more:


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If you relate to what I said above, if you tend to sit at a computer desk all day long, Dr. RJ recommends setting an alarm to go off every twenty to thirty minutes throughout the day for you to take a step back from your chair and stretch.

To do his recommended stretch, first push your chair back away from your desk.

Next, move towards the end of your chair so you are sitting at the very edge of your seat.

Push your chest out, put your head up, and put your arms out to your sides with your palms facing up towards the ceiling.

Hold this stretch for twenty to thirty seconds. Be sure to breathe, allowing your body to open up, as you conduct this stretch.

According to Dr. RJ, this quick stretch will make a huge difference in your upper body, providing regular tension and pain relief. Of course, this pain can be more serious if you’ve been injured in an accident. So, if you are experiencing pain from an accident or if is hurting you to stretch, do not overdo it. Be sure to reach out to Dr. RJ or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis in your area to get the proper care you may need.