A Quick Tip to Relieve Pain on Spinal Disk Bulges


In the cases of slip and falls and car accidents, insults to the disks of the spine in the lower back and also in the neck are commonly found. Generally, this presents itself in bulging and protrusion in the injured spinal disk area. We spoke with Dr. Joseph A. Baratta of Shadelands Chiropractic in Walnut Creek, CA about his technique for helping to relieve the pain from spinal disk bulges and protrusions. Follow along with Dr. Baratta’s quick tip and / or read on below for more:


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In his quick tip video, Dr. Baratta explains that spinal disk bulges and protrusions are relatively common. At Shadelands Chiropractic, Dr. Baratta uses a tool they like to call an impulse adjusting treatment. According to Dr. Baratta, this tool is very safe for the patient. It simply gets into the spinal disk areas where there is bulging and opens things up to provide space and relieve pain in the process. More specifically, it increases the spacing in between the vertebrae, unlocking the areas that have been locked up without further insulting the bulge or protrusion.

Dr. Baratta explains that this tool is great to help relieve pain found from disk bulges or protrusions in the lower spine, mid spine, and of course, in the neck.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and you’re feeling any sort of pain, be sure to visit Dr. Joseph Baratta if you’re in the Walnut Creek area or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis for a consultation on what may be best for your specific ailment. If you’re feeling pain due to a disk bulge or protrusion, be sure to ask about the impulse adjusting tools at your office of choice and see if it’s right for you.