A Tip for Better Understand Disk Bulges


One common reason patients seek help from pain management specialists is to get pain relief from disk bulges. Especially in personal injury cases, there may be many people involved in a patient’s situation who do not understand fully what a disk bulge is. The patient, themselves, could have a bad understanding of what a disk bulge is or perhaps, a case manager or attorney doesn’t understand fully what a disk bulge is.

If this is the case for you, whether you are a doctor, attorney, or case manager who works with people regularly experiencing disk bulges or if you are a patient who has one, yourself, Dr. Harold Kraft has a quick tip for you on how to better understand what a disk bulge is. Dr. Harold Kraft is our pain management doctor at No Needle Epidural in Sherman Oaks, Manhattan Beach, and Santa Monica. As his name implies, Dr. Kraft provides laser services for pain management that don’t require a needle for pain management. Naturally, he comes in contact regularly with patients who have disk bulges. Follow along with his quick tip here below:


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Dr. Kraft suggest purchasing a $20 model off Amazon that can demonstrate just exactly what a disk bulge looks like. In the video above, he shows us what this model looks like and explains that he’s happy to assist with anyone who can’t find the model. You can call his office for advice on which one to purchase. Regardless of if a patient has been to 3, 4, or even 6 different doctors and heard about a disk bulge, this model brings it home perfectly. Dr. Kraft says if you deal with disk bulges, then this model is definitely a beneficial tool to keep around that can easily show you and others exactly what a disk bulge is and why it should be treated. This disk bulge is good for a few hundred squeezes, so he does explain that you should buy a new one every year or so depending on how often you use it.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are experiencing pain and / or a disk bulge, be sure to contact Dr. Harold Kraft or any of our pain management specialists who work on a lien basis.