When to Consider a Discseel Procedure


Dr. Bruce Fishman of BKP Medical and Orthopedic Group sat down with Doctors on Liens to provide another quick tip this week regarding when to consider getting a Discseel procedure. Discseel procedures utilize FDA-approved pharmacologics and FDA-cleared technologies to provide relief to lower back pain. Follow along with Dr. Fishman’s video on the process here or read below for more information:

In his video, Dr. Fishman explains that when someone injuries their lower back and goes to see a doctor, they usually undergo an initial course of treatment that most people are very familiar with. This could include chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, physical therapy, pain management procedures, epidural injections, and / or medication. But what if none of these options work to relieve pain? There are many instances where, despite all these treatments, a patient will still have ongoing lower back pain. At this point, they are generally told there are two options left for them:

  1. They can live with their pain.
  2. They can undergo surgery.

However, Dr. Fishman suggests a Discseel procedure as a less-invasive third option for those who don’t want to live with the pain or undergo major surgery.

A Discseel procedure, as mentioned above, is a minimally invasive procedure to cure chronic lower back pain. When all other treatment options do not relieve your pain, it is then Dr. Fishman suggests you look at getting a Discseel procedure done instead of undergoing invasive surgery. This procedure is appropriate for those who are experiencing pain due to disc tears. You see, lower back pain can be caused by a leakage of disc material from a tear. This leakage can irritate the nerve roots down your lower back and leg and give you pain if you don’t react to get treatment. An annulogram is done to precisely identify if you have disc leaks and tears, and this is the first part of the Discseel process. Next, a physician seals your tears by injecting Fibrin (an FDA-approved biologic) into the discs to stop any and all leaks that may be causing pain. The injected liquids come together to form a solid mass and fill the disc. Dr. Fishman explains that this instigates healing and regeneration of the disc which will also improve the lower back pain.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are experiencing back pain, be sure to reach out to Dr. Fishman or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis to see the if a Discseel procedure or another method of treatment is right for your specific case.