A Daily Reminder to Relax


In today’s world, everything tends to be extremely hectic, especially as we start emerging from our homes post-pandemic. It’s hard to find the time to stop and take a breather for your own mental health. We spoke with Dr. Haskins of Complete Balance Chiropractic, our doctor who works on a lien in Placentia, CA, and he expressed the importance of adding relaxation into your everyday life, whether you’re recovering from a car accident or just living a busy, stressful life.

Dr. Haskins expressed that most people don’t give themselves 5-10 minutes a day to shut everything out, but that can be an extremely important, life-changing thing to do. It can even help with your healing. By shutting everything out daily and focusing on your breath and expressing gratitude for what you have, you can entirely change your mindset and ease the stress of your daily life. That’s why Complete Balance Chiropractic has a “Relaxation Room”. Typically, after patients get their chiropractic adjustments, they are encouraged to spend a little time in this room to put away their cell phone, separate themselves from everything, and just focus on themselves, their breath, and what they are grateful for. It’s a great way to shut out the outside noise for a time.

To help add to this effect, Complete Balance sprinkles in positive quotes and daily affirmations throughout their offices to make the process of stepping aside and focusing on gratitude even easier.

Even if you haven’t been injured in a car accident or don’t need chiropractic care, this is a great tip you can incorporate into your daily life. Every day, you should think about setting aside 5-10 minutes to focus on what you are grateful for, what brings you joy, and express appreciation for it. Or even just focusing on your breath is important from time to time. If you don’t like sitting still, think about stepping outside and going for a nice walk to empower yourself for the rest of the day. Use the walk to clear your mind and focus on the natural world around you.

And, if you have been in injured in a car accident, visit Dr. Haskins or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis to help you recover both physically and mentally.